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  • Freesat  System

    Freesat System

  • Multiroom Viewing

    Multiroom Viewing

  • Freesat HD System

    Freesat HD System

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Freesat installed for only €180!

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When it comes to digital TV there is  many options available – multiroom viewing,  Freesat,  Freesat HD,  Freesat+,  FreeToAir.  Get in touch with us if you have any questions about these options.

Holiday home owners in Donegal We specialise in setting up holiday homes in Donegal. Freesat is the way to go. Unlike Sky which requires a monthly subscription, Freesat is a one off payment therefore benefiting those of you who don’t visit your holiday homes on a regular basis. As well as this Freesat doesn’t require a TV aerial, again benefiting those of you in the more remote areas who may not always get the best reception at the present time.

Don’t be taken in by the cheaper Freesat  that some installers are offering. Often these are second hand Sky boxes and NOT Freesat boxes. Here at Digital TV Donegal we only use top quality products and with our prices currently reduced from €320 to €260 for freesat HD you can be assured of the best quality at the best price.