Digital TV Donegal provides Saorsat all over Donegal & Sligo.


SAORSAT is suitable for areas that cant receive Saorview with a TV aerial. You receive RTE by a satellite dish, This means you will be able to have RTE no matter were  you live.

A good option for homes that are just going  digital for the first time or holiday homes is Saorsat and Freesat on the one set-top box. As this will give you all your favorite TV channels from the BBC and ITV also the Irish channels.

This can be all picked up by the one satellite dish so these is no need to have an aerial for the Irish channels, then a satellite dish for the Freesat channels, witch leaves everything handy on the one remote.

Multiroom is a very easy option to add on at a later date with this system as you will have the right satellite dish fitted from the first install.

If you have any questions about Saorsat please contact us.